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Originally Posted by carlosdca View Post
I don't understand the fuzz.
There was a schedule change and the OP lost the assigned seats.
So this is an issue of unassigned seats nothing else?
The OP still has a ticket and is booked in business.
Most of the times, this resolves itself as there will be seats available at check-in.
Or OP has to go to the gate and GA will call volunteers to give up their business seats.
If no volunteers show up OP will be re-booked and compensated according to IDB policies.
Do pax on overbooked flights get automatically and involuntarily bumped to economy at check-in? I had never heard of this.
AA CoC allows a downgrade to Y and no compensation beyond a refund of the fare difference
never heard of AA asking for volunteers in exchange of compensation to accept a downgrade
AA just decides and informs the downgraded passenger.
Most people are sheep and AA gets away with it.
The point of this thread is to empower the original poster to not be one of the sheep
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