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Originally Posted by aztimm View Post
I'm not sure who is telling the OP that, "all flights are full in business," but as someone pointed upthread, tomorrow's AA 734, PHL-MAN is listed as J7/C7. When you look at the seatmap on EF, it shows a fairly wide-open business cabin, with most of the middle section open and even a few vacant window seats.

I've done the train from Edinburgh to Manchester and I don't remember it being too bad; maybe 3 hours if I remember correctly.

If OLCI doesn't work for the OP's selected flights, I'd call and ask to be put on this one instead.
that's a great option!
use it as the fallback at DTW tomorrow.
first try to get the FIM to UA, so you are made whole and arrive into EDI in business class with one-stop as planned.
if no AA agent at DTW agrees to the FIM to UA, rebook to MAN at that point.
the walk-up fare MAN-EDI on FLYBE appears to be $132 at 12N Thurs for an hour flight
or $65 for a direct Manchester Airport to Edinburgh train on TransPennine Express at ~12N
no reason to commit now to MAN as that flight is wide open and the FIM chances are near zero if you have already accepted MAN
save receipts for claim to AA post travels.
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