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Originally Posted by melafafon View Post
I use *A around 20 times a year, often travelling with another person with no *G, have a bit of extra luggage here or there, and do appreciate business check-in above all things, especially when flying out of Eastern Europe/Caucasus/Central Asia. So all the perks line up nicely for me.

Not sure how frequent are *G upgrades for TK Elite card holiders while flying TK, they did happen on SG, OK and LH when I used them as a Gold/Platinum card holder.

Also, I would have spent the said 2k on a business flight somewhere anyway when going on holiday.

But I guess we can just agree to disagree on how nice it is to get a *G for 15000 miles
Elite upgrades are not so frequent on most routes but there are some cases where you would be upgraded more than %50+. These cases are
- Aircraft change from a 3-3 Euro J seat aircraft to a 2-2 Real Business Class seat aircraft change.
- Flying to/from Germany, The Netherlands, and Austria in peak season
- Ankara and Izmir routes in peak hours during the week. ( This applies mostly for Elite Plus )

For long-haul, you have less chance because there are usually people in the upgrade waitlist which reduces the percentage of being upgraded on longer routes.
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