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Lots of "I want I want I want" from (seemingly) successful people here who (should) understand business....

You do realize it's currently a "seller's market" in hospitality, correct? If anything, we should be expecting cutbacks, not increases.

There are now only three real domestic competitors in the space (Hyatt, Marriott, and Hilton) and Hyatt already goes above and beyond the other two, spends more on its elites in various ways, etc. Hilton is closing domestic lounges like crazy, and we all know about Marriott's problems. It's simply unrealistic to expect Hyatt to require an increase in the cost of operating lounges (to the minimums suggested here) in the current market environment.

BTW, I know there are other "competitors" like Wyndham and IHG, etc.. but none of the those guys are truly competing for OUR business in terms of offering benefits comparable to the Hyatt, Marriott, and Hilton. If one of them DID step up - then you might see some reaction from "the big three" loyalty programs.

Also, Hyatt DOES have lounge standards... but providing hot food outside of oatmeal hasn't been one of them... some properties simply choose to go above and beyond and others don't.
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