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Originally Posted by kaffir76 View Post
I just started researching for the best (cheapest Y Saver) USA - ASIA routing to use up all my Qmiles & Qcredits by next April.
I'll try to add on with what I know so far - my upgrade for LAX next week was also a PITA last year.

1. Must have all the Qmiles & Qcredits in your acct. - that'll mitigate any risks of avail. closing when/after you book.
I failed in that aspect & it was a huge hassle trying to upgrade when my Qmiles & Qcredits got credited to my acct. By then, 1 sector (LAX-DOH) had already closed online.

2. I just realized this morning when I was checking QCalculator, that if you upgrade the entire journey vs. sector by sector, it'll cost less in both Qmiles & Qcredits!
So I've been doing it wrong all this time!

3. Your best bet is to upgrade online immediately after booking/issuance of ticket - QR PC is pretty clueless, but if you keep bugging them, it might work - they did it for me on one sector after many emails (late last year, when QRPC didn't accept questions via phone calls - perhaps it's better now?)

Now, my question is - what is the proper / correct / accurate way to check for upgrade availability using Qmiles & Qcredits?
By using QCalculator, & searching for redemption using Qmiles showing the range of my preferred dates which I can travel?
There isn't a way to check for upgrade availability using Qcredits, right?

Lastly, I'm seeing a lot of "flex awards" which are almost double of what QCalculator is showing for Qmiles needed for redemption.
Does this affect availability of using Qcredits to upgrade?

Thanks in advance! I'll keep updating when I figure out something else that is helpful in the next week or so.
Good luck to you guys too!
May all our upgrade wishes come true
no, flex awads (x2) availability CAN NOT BE USED with qcredits

had same situation last year and got this answer by email from QRPC.
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