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Originally Posted by VegasGambler View Post
A while ago I booked the Hyatt House in Portland for $212/night. A few weeks ago I was looking through my reservations and re-pricing them (I do this occasionally to capture price drops) and I saw that the price had dropped to $180.

It used to be that if you "modified" a reservation to the same room type, it would not reprice -- it would always show the old price. So the trick was to do 2 modifications back-to-back -- switch to a different room, then switch back. But this time I noticed that I could select the same room at the new price. Progress!

So I reselected, confirmed the price change to $180, and forgot about it.

Today I was looking through my stays and... $212. Strange. So I modified it again. Confirmed $180, and screenshotted it to be sure. A few minutes later I got the confirmation email, and I actually read it this time -- it still showed $212, as did my reservation in the app.

So I canceled and rebooked at the $180 rate.

So... be careful; this does NOT work. It will tell you it is modifying your reservation to the new price, but it isn't. Either switch to a different room type and immediately switch back, or cancel and rebook to capture the lower rate.

Hopefully they fix this bug soon. I'd like to report it, but I really don't know who to report it to.
I had experienced the same glitch as you, but did find out about it until I actually checked in to the hotel, and had to pay the higher rate. The difference was not much, but it was still a learning experience not to do this "modification" for future reservations. It is back to "cancel and rebook" again.
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