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Originally Posted by bluemeansgo View Post
Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Since it went from a cat 5 (35k) to a cat 6 (50k). Does this mean that I *may* get a generous rep that would allow me to cancel the NC5, and pay 90k (15k * 6) for an NC6? It seems a shame that I booked the hotel in March before the increase and followed their rules but getting penalized. (>_<)

At the old points value, it would have been 210,000 points... so 90k to upgrade is marginally better than 105k ( NC5 refund value ) + 105k... but man, that stings.
If you had a NC5 QP91 (105k residual) -> NC6 QP99 (165k residual) should be 60k difference.
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