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Originally Posted by myperks View Post
the only data point i've seen is if you get a very generous rep to order you a new upgraded certificate at the residual value where they cancel and refund your old certificate and charge you the difference for the upgraded certificate (based on old value).

other than this, i'm not sure if there have been reports of what you want to do (not that it won't happen).

good luck.
Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Since it went from a cat 5 (35k) to a cat 6 (50k). Does this mean that I *may* get a generous rep that would allow me to cancel the NC5, and pay 90k (15k * 6) for an NC6? It seems a shame that I booked the hotel in March before the increase and followed their rules but getting penalized. (>_<)

At the old points value, it would have been 210,000 points... so 90k to upgrade is marginally better than 105k ( NC5 refund value ) + 105k... but man, that stings.
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