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Originally Posted by copperred View Post
Boeing can try to unmake reality with a time machine but they're looking at both civil and possibly criminal liability here, so they probably should plan not to speak of it anytime soon. Even their own press releases document obvious guilt.

The 737-8 already exists as the 737-800 NGs. Boeing may end up with an airliner they can't sell, and then will have to swallow their all too big pride.
Not speaking would of course be a major public relations misstep. How their message is viewed as being communicated​​​​​ is more important to the consumer than details at this point. And while it's probably too late for complete transparency, an effort at appearing like that was a priority would go far.

737-8 is another name for the 737-MAX 8. My point was that they wouldn't necessarily rebrand, but rather just drop the MAX designation. The 737-8 and the 737-800 are different aircraft.
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