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Im guilty of throwing away cards with money still left on it, I guess comes 2025 - 2027 Meta or whomever will simply add it to their profits, till then I guess they have to keep the card active on their computers taking up space

In some cases when the fee for a MO is <$1 I try to avoid using up the full amount and thusly money is left on the card 1 cent that is, when the fee is exactly $1 no money is left over. When its < $1 I do 1 MO where 1 cent is left the other MO usually leaves over 10 cents on a card and that I use at my local supermkt where it gets drained w/o a problem. From this past weds run I have just under $2 left and will be used on Sun
I use every cent. The cards auto drain at my local grocery store, I just go thru SCO (when buying groceries) and swipe a bunch of cards in succession. 12 cents a swipe, I don't care. That's 12 of my cents!
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