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UPDATE: This has finally been resolved. In particular, I received a refund of $2,226 from the Aspen St. Regis, which includes the $1,000 no show charge for each of 2 rooms plus tax. It took a little over 2 months to get this resolved but I am glad to finally be able to put this behind me.

I am very grateful to everyone on this forum who provided advice on how to get this resolved. I am also grateful to any and all Marriott (and Aspen St. Regis) personnel that helped get this favorably resolved. Fortunately, I was able to get the refund without taking legal action and without disputing the charge on my credit card (there were conflicting viewpoints on whether or not this latter tactic would have ultimately been effective). In the end, I believe patient persistence and patient escalation moved this to a favorable resolution. Specifically, I followed closely the advice offered in post #508 and fortunately did not need to involve Elliott Advocacy. I believe the email to Mr. Sorenson was the one that finally moved things along but my guess is that all the earlier emails and efforts had to be exhausted before such an email would have been effective. My understanding is that ultimately it was the hotel manager that agreed to the refund but my guess is that this was done only after some pressure from Marriott because the hotel manager explicitly indicated an unwillingness to do this previously. Nonetheless, I am grateful she came around regardless as to the reasoning. Finally, I believe my particular facts were helpful. That is, the fact that I booked under SPG and my confirm emails indicated that I could opt to forfeit points in lieu of any no show charge probably helped.

I am hopeful that Marriott will publicly update its policy as relates to this type of situation. If not, this will make make me (and I suspect many others) very hesitant to make higher end points bookings. The problem is greatly exacerbated on 5 nights points bookings at such properties because you might be trading a refund of zero points for a hefty one night charge if your flight is delayed.
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