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Of course that's why stores do sales; I guess I'm just wondering if that's the kind of thing that actually DOES get people in to buy other products, in comparison to a grocery store discounting apples and then you buy other produce. But evidently Staples believes it does since they keep doing these promos and I can't think of any other reason for these constant sales.
at least in regards to supermkts and other stores, its not only the store(chain) that eats it but the company behind the product as well, eg if theres a sale on Coke dont expect that the strore is absorbing it all, Coke will be contributing as well or in whole

In our case could be Visa, Metabank are also chipping in, hoping the nxxt time the person will be dumb and actu

In the end who is paying doesnt concern me all I care about is not having to pay the $6.95 although its not a total loss if I hav eto compared to oether cards, when you take into acct your net gainally pay the $6.95 for the card w/o factoring in any benefits like we do. also the company placing the racks and choosing what to put on them, not every store has the exact same cards
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