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Of course that's why stores do sales; I guess I'm just wondering if that's the kind of thing that actually DOES get people in to buy other products, in comparison to a grocery store discounting apples and then you buy other produce. But evidently Staples believes it does since they keep doing these promos and I can't think of any other reason for these constant sales.
The amount of these $200 VGC's that get sold to non MSer's has got to be below 10%. They sell (up to) $500 VGCs in nearly every grocery store for less than the fee that Staples and OD charge for $200's. The nice thing that doesn't get enough acknowledgement is the $300's are on the website for $8.95 and you can buy up to $1,800 in one purchase. Depending on your method of time/cost to MS it's still a very good deal (Cost on a $300 is still $0.006ish per UR for me) if you can at least turn around and use the CSR for portal redemption at 0.015x.
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