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Originally Posted by Kacee View Post
Are you saying it's not that bad? Because I really disagree.

More than one level for partners is a horrible development. The new levels are all higher than what used to be a fixed price.

And an AP requirement for partners is also a horrible development. Moreoever, pricing variation is based on more than AP. God forbid you need a domestic connector on DL. It's now possible to book a 400k partner Y award on DL. One-way.
There are no 400K partner awards on DL. [Moderator edit: [A] partner award [edit] on Delta -- [edit] involves flying actual partner metal over the ocean. Just because there is partner metal involved on some segment does not make it a "partner" award. I'm not disagreeing that DL's program is "bad". [Moderator edit] I have spent many, many hours studying award calendars and reading award fare rules. It's pretty clear that many have very little understanding how the program works and I suspect they've never even looked at a DL award fare rule.

For example, AF/KL/AZ J awards to Europe are currently 75K each way (CSMH750 fare basis code) and there is only one level. It has been at this level for some time. They do have a 60-day advance purchase requirement.
VA J awards to Australia are 100K CSM1000 awards with no advance purchase requirement. There are no other VA partner levels. However, they pretty much only provide availability at the last minute. All those other prices you see below are DL metal over the ocean awards (which have various levels).

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