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Originally Posted by NoStressHere View Post
1st off, almost nobody wants the middle.
Some do not like aisle as they want to just rest or be in their own little world. No bathroom. No getting up, etc.

Then, they want to sleep, or rest/sleep against that wall.
Or watch tv.
Or just do not like the bright sun.
Or want to cool off.

Personally, I am bothered when on the aisle, or maybe even ACROSS the aisle and the direct sun is blinding me and they guy at the window is totally unaware how bad it is for others.
I used to think "oh the sun is on this side I don't want the glare so I'll sit on the opposite side". Then one flight I did that and the sun was blasting me through the guy's open window on the opposite side. Ever since if I have a morning or daytime flight I sit on the sun side and close the shade so I can control the glare.
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