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Kinda strange for me - a Californian - asking this question , but I left California 7 years ago and when I recently checked lodging prices at some familiar places, got a sticker shock.

I, my wife and family friend are going on road trip for 5 days in mid-June Monday-Friday. Staring at Reno, drive via Tioga Pass thru Yosemite, stay one night, then arriving at Sequoia NP, stay two nights and finally - come to Bay Area via CA-1.

I wanted to have one night, two rooms, or one room, as long as it sleeps three adults, around/at Yosemite/Sequoia NP and what I see is $300 per night per room, which is 3x of my budget. Last time I stayed at these NPs was 14 years ago and things were not that bad.

Anyone here recently stayed at Sequoia/Yosemite or at surrounding areas? Where did you stay and how much did you pay? What are alternatives or suggestions? AirBnB does not work. Priceline neither.

I just need a clean room and bedding in non-noisy place with hot running water. Everything else is not necessary.
So 5 weeks out you're trying to book a room for 3 adults in one of America's most popular tourist attractions for $100? Completely unrealistic.

Even housekeeping units (shelter with walls, canvas roof, beds sans linens) are $108/night, not including tax, but June is already booked. 20 years ago we would book summer stays in those 360 days out to insure the dates we wanted. Right now the closest reservable campsite on federal land is 17 miles outside the valley.

Outside the park you'd be lucky to even find a room that would allow 3 adults this time of year.

As for Sequoia, a number of years back there was more lodging but the buildings were removed when it was realized the structures were damaging some of the trees the park was named after. Now you're lucky to even find availability there at all during the summer; there's only about 200 rooms total within the park. On the dates you list I see zero availability.

FYI you can't count on Tioga Pass being open by mid June. In 2017 it didn't open until June 29, and the snowpack then was almost the same as this season. See https://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/tiogaopen.htm for more info, but there's currently no estimate of an opening date.
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