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Opinion on fair compensation for major delay (12+ hours) due to CX issue

Background is that I was scheduled for BOS-HKG-BKK and there was an issue on the ground. The BOS-HKG flight never boarded and all passengers were forced to pick up check-in bags and the flight was "delayed" by 20 hours but technically not canceled.

The ground staff was of no help, not even for cab voucher. They were only providing those to transit passengers and refusing to help people who didn't also need a hotel voucher. My first call to the HK center, the agent rather incredibly suggested that since I was "checked in" she couldn't rebook me. Never mind the 20-hour delay which guarantees a missed connection - nothing she could do.

Second call got me an agent who realize the absurdity and rebooked me via KE for arrival 12 hours later than planned.

Fast forward by a week - Cathay customer service is offering only 7k Asia Miles and *maybe* crediting me for the miles for the un-taken flights. This is even though the agent acknowledge it was their fault that the flight was delayed for 20+ hours.

I don't really think this is a fair deal, but I don't fly CX that often on paid-fare. What do people think?

Am I likely to get a better offer by persisting? Any suggested alternative avenues to escalate?
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