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Originally Posted by webbyboy View Post
For a first timer in London, which is a better choice? Bankside or TB? If both are about the same rate (Bankside a slight cheaper).
Most people would say Bankside but Iím still on the fence....... they are both great, letís look at the key areas

ROOMS- Bankside wins here on style but not necessarily views, beds slightly more comfy too, suites are amazing....Tb are nice too and can have better views but Bankside takes the crown.

EXECUTIVE LOUNGE - I actually prefer Tb myself, the canapťs are better, I love the outside terrace with views over the shard, yes itís a lot smaller than Bankside but less noisy ......Bankside can be a bit echoing.
and the bass from the function room can vibrate sometimes....... I love the fire pits and itís posh but Tb wins it for me.

BREAKFAST - the hot food is better at Tb as itís served in Jamieís Italian but overall Bankside wins here with its amazing pastries and awesome honey nut granola......... Tb is good but Bankside is great.

SERVICE- hard to call but I feel Bankside has the edge, donít know just does....oh and has valet parking, at Tb itís self park and a ten min walk.

UPGRADES - Tb, nearly always to executive level......Bankside not so but when they do the suite upgrades are great.

CONCLUSION - of course all my comments are only my opinion, others may not agree but personally if they were the same price I would probably choose Tb, I feel the location is better too.
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