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Thanks for providing me with the answer to this. It worked like a charm once format was copied to .jpeg. Coming from the business world, I thought .pdf WAS an image so couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Didn’t find the explicit language you copied - thanks again for all that!

This is why I love Flyertalk!
It can be confusing. I can embed an image into a PDF and it would still be a non-editable image (in a PDF wrapper), but it is far more common for a PDF to be a container for all kinds of text, fonts, images, etc. And in that format it is trivial to change the content with readily available tools - and the changes leave no trace.

(As mentioned above, it would also be trivial to edit the content of a PDF and then export it to an image format (also leaving no trace), but it does help to keep the honest people honest)
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