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Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
And FYI, Air Force Two, a USAF C-32 (757) transporting Vice President Mike Pence, landed just a short time ago here in LFT. The C-32 was preceded by a USAF C-17 transporting vehicles for the VP's motorcade.
Very occasionally I will pass Her Majesty on the road west of London, going to/from Windsor Castle which is their principal home. The "motorcade" comprises a Bentley painted a discreet dark red, three (only) police motorcyclists ahead, and a Range Rover following very close behind. All mixed in with the normal traffic. The three motorcyclists have a skill worth watching. They race ahead, hold up the traffic with a handsignal at junctions just for a moment, let the car pass, then speed on to the next one. The car, no flashing lights, meanwhile proceeds along in a stately fashion at about 25 mph, and hardly ever comes to a stand even in rush hour traffic, the three motorcycles having stopped things in a very calculated manner. I know they train and train for it, but it's a real skill and a fascination to watch in action, but you only see it for a fleeting second and then they're gone.

If you are walking on the pavement it is honourable to give a very discreet bow as they pass.

One of the police motorcyclists used to come down to our skydiving club at weekends in the early 1990s, and had some descriptions of their procedure - but not many.

They also have a lovely 70 year old Rolls-Royce which I've seen on the same road a couple of times, being driven quite unaccomapnied.

Our VP will visit several churches located north of Lafayette near Opelousas that were burned down recently by an arsonist. BTW, the alleged perpetrator of these intentionally set fires was subsequently apprehended and remains in custody.
Ah, Opelousas. I haven't heard that name since ... must be 1974, going round the USA on the Greyhound bus. I was fascinated by, and remembered, the town's name as we stopped there momentarily - and can even still say it. Extraordinary that for 45 years that has been going round inside my skull, ready to be reactivated.

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