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airflyer- I think those are both good rules to live by. I haven't been to any other properties with the automated elevators, but I can see how they might cause a mess. There were definitely lots of confused people hopping into the first open elevator and then learning that it wasn't goiing to their floor. I do think the main issue was just that they only seemed to have 2 of the 8 operational. I wonder if some of the others were dedicated between the ground floor and the roofdeck or something of that nature, since 6 out of 8 being out of service seems really excessive.

MissJ - I actually did vaguely recall your post when they offered to move me to the 19th floor, and did ask if I'd hear noise from the roofdeck. They assured me that I was seperated enough such that things would be quiet in the room... Even so, I think I still ended up better off than on a lower floor with the traffic noise. As I mentioned in the Conrad thread, I'm not usually bothered by traffic noise (the Michigan Ave rooms at the Conrad were not a problem for me), but the constant honking next to the London House did manage to exceed my threshold. I guess there's no win for us light sleepers- low floors give you the traffic noise, and high floors get the roofdeck music.
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