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Originally Posted by MaxVO View Post
Please update on your future experiences. Recently all phone calls I've made were picked up by foreign call centers. Agents there can speak decent English, but often act like badly programmed robots. They often read responses that are not even on the same subject. Sometimes when you HUCA several times, the system will recognize your frustration, and route you to a US center, where you'll usually get a hostile agent (but having a normal IQ range).
I wanted to cancel 2 AA cards so even though one of the cards was not the card I wanted to cancel I none the less cancelled 2 cards so I won't be cancelling any other cards for a few months.

I'm also going to time the cancellation so I have new, not yet activated AA card ready to set up as soon as the cancellation is complete. The last thing I need is these clowns cancelling a card I have not yet received the bonus on

Originally Posted by VegasGambler View Post
You are not limited to a single active session, though. You can check in a different browser, or in a private/incognito, or in the app on your phone, or in a browser on different device (phone/tablet/whatever)

The easiest is probably just to pull it up in the app on your phone.
Do as you wish, I just posted my experience. I have no doubt if the card I was making my current spend on was my primary card the agent would have at least attempted ( not sure if you can cancel a card with a balance) to cancel that card.

My primary card was cancelled by mistake and the other poster said his Costco card that had the CL reduced by mistake was also his primary card. I doubt these agents know people can have multiples of the same credit card so they may just work on the first card they see.

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