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Originally Posted by mvoight View Post
I don't understand that last sentence. You have been flying AA every year, so I don't understand why you would have 3 years (18 months until expirate, and 18 months after expiration) to reactivate.
The goal should be to have some activity within the first 18 months so they don't expire, as you would have to pay to unexpire them at that point. It is a lot cheaper to simply have activity within the 18 months.
Was the "unlimited" reactivation period even a published part of the program? If not, then it was always subject to being pulled at any point without notice. Of course, instead of changing it to 18 months, they could have simply increased the price to more than you would want to pay.
Mileage expiration happened before I started flying with AA more regularly.
Yeah the “after 2002/12/31” clause was published clearly on aa.com. The new reactivation rule is also in program information.
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