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Access to Delta Sky Club / Centurion Lounges with Amex Platinum


We are looking at upgrading to the UK Platinum Preferred Rewards card when our Gold card comes up for renewal and Iím unsure regarding the policy for these two lounges:

- Delta Sky Club: I will be the main cardholder for the Platinum card, and my partner will have the supplementary card included in the annual fee. Is Deltaís policy to admit just the main cardholder (i.e. the account holder - myself) or would the supplementary cardholder (also Platinum) also get access for free? As we have three children, we were hoping to admit two with my card, and one with my partnerís. Is this possible? (I know there is a $20 something dollar fee per guest). I canít find anything concrete on Delta or Amexís website and this could be a deciding factor in whether we get the card or not so I would be grateful if someone could clarify!

We are specifically looking at visiting one of the Atlanta Sky Clubs during a long layover time we have there - are they good lounges (we are used to the U.K./ London lounges and I have heard generally that North American lounges arenít as good)?

- Centurion Lounge: Iím assuming from wording online that only I, the account holder, would have access (plus two guests I can admit) - so in other words, I wouldnít be able to bring my whole family in with my partnerís supplementary card if we travel together?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
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