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Originally Posted by jdrtravel View Post
OK, however, according to reports DL has done a notably better job at it.
That's funny you're buying into those reports. When all the other airlines start requesting the same altitude as Delta because of their magic software programs I'll be the first one to agree with you!

However, the reality is that all airlines fly on the same airways and within the same altitude range due to the airspace/aircraft performance limitations. We find the smoothest rides through speaking with air traffic control and other airplanes in front of us - still is the most accurate source of information. Within the past few years there has been additional resources added where each airplane provides automated turbulence reporting that gets transmitted real time to each pilot's ipad. Each airline has this technology. Delta may rank it 0-100, United 0.1-1.0, American 1-5. Point is, its prevalent throughout the industry.

Not trying to cause an argument here rather infusing some definitive facts into the discussion.
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