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Better to buy as a codeshare?

I'm going to buy a business class round trip flight that costs ~$3000 and the distance is about 20,000 miles. The flight itself is a operated 1/2 by AA and the other 1/2 by BA. I have the option of buying the flight as AA marketed (with all AA flight numbers) or BA marketed (with BA flight numbers).

As an AA Gold it seems to make much more sense to me to buy the flights as BA marketed:

AA Marketed:
Award miles: 3000x7 = 21,000
EQM: 20,000x2 = 40,000
EQD: 3,000

BA Marketed:
Award miles: 125% x 20000 = 25,000
EQM: 20,000x2 = 40,000
EQD: 25% x 20000 = 5,000

Am I correct here?
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