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Originally Posted by Rubecula View Post
The First WC is on the A side so does get more traffic but no way would I call it a lot more, there are only 8 seats. The 787-9 First cabin is the most neutral cabin in terms of F seat preference on BA. Any seat will provide similar amenity (excluding window/aisle considerations).
Nothing to do with the WC, the 4 passengers on the K side access it through the galley so have no impact on the A side at all. Same the other way round.
The crew, however, can spend a lot of time shuttling through from the front galley to the cabins behind all through the flight, and they generally use the A aisle to do this. Sample size of 1 across a fair few flights, but why I now choose 2K. (Yes, it's really nit-picking, but isn't that what this forum is all about )

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