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Menus were not offered. When I asked if they were loaded the flight attendant said that they were but she didn’t distribute them since verbal descriptions were more personal. I can appreciate that on the surface, but being asked “omelet or breakfast bowl” vs an actual menu I’ll take the latter.
The lack of menus or nutrition/ingredient information is extremely frustrating for someone with dietary restrictions or allergies. I much prefer to see a detailed description of what is being served than to ask "can you tell me if XXX has dairy/wheat/nuts, etc." or just roll the dice, order, and then waste food. I bring plenty of food/snacks for myself on all flights (Y or F) so I'm not asking AS to provide a DF/GF meal just for me but I REALLY hate having to ask what's in everything and most of the time the FAs don't know. Same goes for Y offerings - the menus should list common allergens just like the labels do on the food item. It's pretty standard fare in food labeling these days. And yes, I have suggested/requested this to AS Customer Care numerous times and continually get the response that I can request this information from a FA. IME, this info is either not available to the FA or they have no idea what I'm asking and I really hate holding up service for others while the FA digs around for ingredient/nutritional info. In lieu of menus, a detailed description or addition of ingredient info on the app would more than suffice.
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