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Originally Posted by halamadrid View Post
You can't change to a no fee product as the product change has to be within the same card family and all Marriott cards have a fee. I've read that it might be possible in the future to move from the Brilliant to the regular Bonvoy Amex with the lower AF, but I haven't seen any data points as the refreshed products are relatively new. Even if it were possible, I feel that the Brilliant with an effective AF of $150 (after the $300 Marriott credit) is a much better value even if the AF is $55 higher than the regular Bonvoy Amex because of the 50K annual certificate. It should also be easy to get way more value than $150 from that annual certificate so the card pretty much pays for itself and is worth holding on to it even if you end up not using it on a regular basis.
The first 50k Cert is given in Year 2 though after you've paid your second $450 AF. The Cert won't hit the account until 3 months after the Anniversary so you just can't get cancel the card in Year 1 and bank getting that Cert.
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