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1.) For those who "upgraded" their SPG AMEX cards to the $450 AMEX Bonvoy, will they honor the 100K sign-up bonus (since it's considered a new AMEX product)?

2.) Is paying $95 Annual Fee for the Chase Bonvoy 100k bonus worth it if you plan to sock drawer it right away?
1. Only if you are targeted and received an offer stating that you'd get the bonus for upgrading; otherwise it's just a straight upgrade (product change) without a bonus. From what I've read and also on the email offer I received the deadline to upgrade is today 4/24/2019. When I hit the "upgrade" link in the email offer I received the application page showed the bonus as part of the terms. I believe some people have also seen the targeted upgrade offer through a banner in their Amex account. I never saw a banner, and only got the offer via email. Additionally, I think you are only targeted if you're already passed your first year with the card.

2. Don't hold that product, but I've stayed away from the Chase card as getting that one bonus would've prevented me from getting the two Amex bonuses (regular card and business card). If one doesn't hold any Marriott card products, I think you are better off double dipping with Amex and getting the business and personal bonuses.
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