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Originally Posted by Cambo View Post
Big issue is, CCs' get tempted bringing the "sold out" message to the customers, just to be able to take home the goodies themselves. It's a downhill sliding situation. Some 40 years ago, I worked in a huge restaurant, and as serving staff, we did the same. Nothing new under the sun, so to say.

Regarding costs: Some 10 years ago, I made an average profit per leg calculation for Easyjet: A whopping USD 20.
LH would be some more, though not that much. So, think about that, when judging about these "taking home" actions.
the only thing that seems to have sold out is the 60 cup noodles that they would let flow into J and F cabin.
I've never had "Sorry we have run out of OJ or 1.5L Bottle Water". Once in a while the 330ml evian ran out.

Except for caviar, what has ever ran out on the hundreds/thousands of flight we have taken?
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