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Originally Posted by hkskyline View Post
So what happens to the food, ice-cream, left over from the flight?
Alcohols and high value items gets reloaded onto other flights. Same for unopened soft drinks and water if they are in their original stowage.

Everything else go to land fill or incinerators, even for unused non-perishables such as tea bags. Cheaper to reassemble a new standard unit than to unpack and reassemble. It is also unhygienic to load opened packets onto new flights not knowing what happened to them previously. Food safety regulations also prohibits re-chilling perishables and thawed frozen food (aka all meals and fresh food items). Ice cream would have melted by landing, dry ice don't last that long.

Once a year, they do a PR photoshoot of off duty staff sorting these items for charities though.

I personally think it's reasonable for crew to take bread roll, croissants and yogurt cups to eat on the way home, which are destined for the landfill anyways. The ones that were suspended this time were allegedly caught with these otherwise 0 value items. CX just comes across as incredibly stingy and pathetic.

Originally Posted by Frayed_Yak
At 6000 flights per month, that's HK$3.6M lost per year.
oh my, that's the CEO's end of year bonus, we can't loose that after all he's done for the company...gasp. That's all the money saved from not serving garlic bread, salt and pepper shakers in JCL, cheaper lounge contractor and business standard first class food.

Originally Posted by HMPS
Remember, unlike USA F/A s are still prestigious jobs.
USA FAs are better paid, have better job protection and unions that actually have the power to fight back against management. What part of being a CX FA is prestigious in this day and age? Most university grads only fly a few years to see the world then get a cushy HK government office job for a lot more pay and better life. It's a win-win though, CX can get crew on cheap contracts who stay low on the pay scale, grads get 'work experience' for a few years before moving on, male customers continue to live under the illusion that FA's sole purpose is to be young, pretty and be their eye candy.
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