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Is 1B really that uncomfortable? (717-200)
To be fair - it is.. And although I myself would never act as the person in your photo...I do feel for anyone who is stuck in the front row on any narrow body these days, especially on red-eyes. I'm one of those people with long legs who can't sleep unless they can stretch out (faced with the feet barrier, we get that annoying, itchy feeling going throughout the body making us want to kick a hole through the bulkhead, via the catering vestibule all the way to the cockpit...). So after one memorable night of torture when I was "upgraded" from one of those "no seat in front" exit rows to 1C - I am now happily swapping with unsuspecting poor souls giving them a chance to experience a life "up front".....

So if airlines don't want customers' feet up in the air in their so called "first class" - they should make it a real first class.

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