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Originally Posted by Dr. HFH View Post
The hard product looks really nice, almost a sort of StR feel to it.
Indeed in my opinion the Royal Club Suite is not far behind StR in terms of hard product; possibly a close #2 of all Marriott options in the city.

Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
The pictures look like the bar area now has more dining room style tables and chairs and fewer sitting areas with soft chairs like upholstered armchairs and small sofas.

I'm assuming that the food area is still across the hall. I see fancier tables and chairs there now so that it looks less like a cafeteria, although I'm especially thinking of the "meeting room" area behind the big folding doors that IME was generally open during happy hour time.
The upholstered armchairs and sofas are still there - all brand new ones. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of that area but they were right behind me when I took a picture of the bar, like where they were before.

I am not sure which meeting room you are referring to, but the food area is still across the hall from the bar, like before renovations. Looking at the picture of the bar, on the right side there is a private room, perhaps that is the meeting room you are referring to. This room can still be used during happy hour. I love that spot for a small group.
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