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Originally Posted by clansey1973 View Post
Having consulted OH, conclusion:-
1. MH 001 O 03FEB LHRKUL 2125 1825+1
2. MH135 O 05FEB KULBNE 1025 2055
3. MH134 O 20FEB BNEKUL 2320 0530+1
4. MH002 O 24FEB KULLHR 2330 0535+1
Malaysia Airlines : Princely Sum 722.52 per pax! MH1/2 are A350 which is Great, Grim A330's for the rest of Journey
We'll stay at KUL Airport Hotel OB and the Mandarin Oriental in KUL for 3 Nights on the return.
Balance of Budget can be used for Shopping.......
Originally Posted by orbitmic View Post
It's a nice Y experience actually so good choice in my view. I actually really like their 333, most have new cabins and it is really nice not to have to share your row with anyone bar the two of you. One thing though is that it is worth checking your fare basis as some buckets do not earn anything (I think LVS are the lowest earning buckets, but O bucket doesn't earn anything).
This is a good point and I want to make it explicitly clear. This "O" class booking will earn ZERO Avios & TPs on BA. If you wanted a Oneworld carrier for rewards this is not the best itinerary.
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