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Don't be so sure. The BA position is quite defensible.

OP did not pay anything for the 2-4-1 in the first place. He also did not pay anything for the ticket acquired with the 2-4-1 (other than the taxes and fees). That leaves 75% of 0 being 0 as a refund.

At most, it might be held that 50% of the non-tax surcharge for the return segment, e.g. roughly 25% of the cash component (actually less if one considers APD on the outbound) and take 70% of that and that works out to 176.19. As noted, if one further reduces the cash component because the taxes are higher on the outbound due to APD, this comes out to somewhere in the 110-120 range. And even that is doubtful.
I would not spend this just yet.
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