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Speaking of 717s, I was lucky enough to be sitting across from a pax the other day who clearly is the most important person in the world. She was in 2B, and I was in 2D. She had a PDB order more complicated than what she probably orders at starbucks, but that was not really as noteworthy as what she said shortly after takeoff that I found quite disgusting in terms of rudeness. 3B gets up to use the lav and about 30 seconds later the lady in 2B stands up. She is holding her hand out so as to prominently display the giant diamond ring on her finger. A minute or two later (it didn't seem like that long a time), 3B emerges from the lav and 2B mutters loud enough for all of F to hear anyway "Jesus, took her long enough in there. If she is going to take so long, she should have gone back and used the one in coach." Unfortunately, it was pretty clear by the way that she carried herself she wasn't joking.
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