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Originally Posted by indufan View Post
What makes you qualified to think it is a psychological issue? It is very physical to me.

What if your back DID feel the difference?

See here is the thing. I agree with the statement that MOST people do go back as far as they can. Doesn't that say something? They aren't all obvious to the people reclining into them but they still do it....like me. How could they be that obvious when they have a seat back right in front of them that is back. I use a laptop from time to time in coach and I have a big screen and I can still make it work. No, it isn't ideal. But I don't expect it to be either.

Now, a friend of mine (I can't take credit) has come up with an idea. Why not make the left side not recline and the right side recline? Or the right side recline more? Plainly spell it out and make it clear you still aren't promised any particular seat. You couldn't be any worse off than you are today if the non-recliners have to sit on the other side. I can hear the counter argument now....too complicated. Yeah....well it wouldn't be any more complicated than the mess of stuff now.
I don't think most people recline all the way back. Or anything close to most for that matter. In my experience it's a small minority of people.

If Delta really wants to try a test then they should try having seats where the cushion slides forward as opposed to the back reclining. I wonder how many people would take the maximum angle in that case.
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