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Originally Posted by SK AAR View Post
If you only add the FPP at online check-in it should not be added in the reservation itself.
Not true - it gets added to the PNR when you add it at check in.

Originally Posted by SK AAR View Post
If the FFP is there when you check-in for the SN flights just change it to the other FFP that you prefer for the SN flights - not a big deal.
Not always the case. It is possible (and happened to me) that the original number on record hasn't been erased and the other was added as a secondary FFP resulting in the airline posting credit to the first number on record.

Each action you take, be it erasing FFP, adding another or anything - creates another line of record in Amadeus PNR. There is no such thing as just "erasing" something. What may happen sometimes is that a line of record is (command to erase for example) is not executed properly and both numbers remain.
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