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Originally Posted by LapLap View Post
We're flying into SHA T1 and need to get to T2 in order to get the bus to PVG.
Metro isn't an option full stop as the security would prohibit us taking our bags.
We are not interested in taking a taxi (saw a car overturn right in front of us - spectacularly - yesterday. My heart still races remembering it. That did not dispel my anti car position.)
I understand there is a T1 to T2 bus service and that it might be 2 yuan. Not certain if a security check is needed to board it. I'd guess no.
Yeah I can understand your aversion to taxis. A CEO died just last Tuesday on the way to SHA, though it may have been a private car rather than a taxi.

Anyway, the courtesy bus has no security check. However, it only runs every 30 minutes so you'll need to factor that into your schedule.
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