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Originally Posted by cx4ever View Post
The flight no longer has a stopover. Their old flight to/from Brisbane used to be HKG-CNS-BNE-HKG, a triangular route, so when I flew to Cairns I had to fly down to Brisbane on the way back. This service has now ended and has been replaced by non-stop flights to Cairns and additional non-stop flights to Brisbane.

However, based on a quick Google search, the flight from BNE-HKG (A350, CX156) is scheduled to land at 7:30AM, and also frequently lands 15+ minutes early. There is an HKG-JFK flight (CX830) that leaves at 9:15AM. This is a fairly connection but I would imagine it's quite doable and people frequently make connections that are just as short or even shorter than this. Not sure why this didn't show up but you might want to check it out (flight not be available due to your fare class). All flights to JFK are currently on the 4-class 777-300ERs with 9-abreast, but when you fly all the 777s will probably be retrofitted by then. Hope this helps!
Thanks. This is actually an Aadvantage redemption so I can only take what they give me. (It might have been dumb to book this via BNE and not MEL or SYD as they have more flights to switch around once booked, but I saw nothing available and pounced.) I'll keep an eye out on availability to see if I can work in an a350 either en route to HKG, or change the destination to EWR. The only problem with the later is it departs at 18.30, which doesn't give enough time as the current BNE flight I have gets in at 17.40. So the combo you suggest would seem the best to work in an a350 at some point in this trip (to have less jet lag).

A final consideration is being able to see out the window in the day time. Judging by previous routes, looks like you can get some nice views of the West cost, then Indonesia and the Philippines. If there's no cloud cover!
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