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Originally Posted by QRC3288 View Post
In 2017, CX publicly said the B777s and A330s would get WiFi "starting in mid-2018". While this came true for the 777s (B77Ws almost halfway converted w/ Wifi), no A330s have been converted yet I don't think. However, since your flight is so far away it's possible the conversions will be underway by then.

The A350 is definitely newer and in working condition, I would prefer it for the BNE flight, especially if the A330s don't have Wifi by next year. But the A359s also have a lot of dumb seat and bathroom things broken which still, 2 years into deliveries, aren't fixed. In J class you're always about 20-30% chance to get something annoying or ghetto on the A350 (think duct tape in the bathroom, toilets that don't look 2 years old but rather 20 years old, cracked mirrors, seat screens broken, armrests broken, side tables broken, etc.). The 33K / 33E (CX's longhaul A330s) don't have the seat issues and are a perfectly comfortable ride too.
I had 4 A350 sectors recently. LGW-HKG-BNE/MEL-HKG-LGW, albeit in Y. I found that the bathrooms in better shape then when I first flew them 2 years ago. The biggest technical issue is that there isn't enough slope in the basins to let the water drain away easily. I think they forgot to add the 3 "degree angle of attack" to them. It could be why the bathroom at the back of the cabin had liquid swimming on the floor. A reason I always wear shoes when going to the loo on a plane!!

The big reason I would go for the A350 is that you feel less tired on it after long haul. I dreaded coming back to LGW at 5.30am but apart from a short nap in the afternoon I hardly had any jetlag. Same in Brisbane. Be great if the morning flight also became an A350 at some point! And the LHR flights! I don't want to fly 10 abreast!!
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