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Originally Posted by smoaky View Post
Ah, thanks. For whatever reason (guess it was booked) the other flight didn't come up in my searches. The a350 flight leaves just before 1AM so you end up with a 12 hour layover if you're catching a later flight out of HK to the US (at least in my case). That's a shame, as I don't think the a350 is worth such a long layover...
In 2017, CX publicly said the B777s and A330s would get WiFi "starting in mid-2018". While this came true for the 777s (B77Ws almost halfway converted w/ Wifi), no A330s have been converted yet I don't think. However, since your flight is so far away it's possible the conversions will be underway by then.

The A350 is definitely newer and in working condition, I would prefer it for the BNE flight, especially if the A330s don't have Wifi by next year. But the A359s also have a lot of dumb seat and bathroom things broken which still, 2 years into deliveries, aren't fixed. In J class you're always about 20-30% chance to get something annoying or ghetto on the A350 (think duct tape in the bathroom, toilets that don't look 2 years old but rather 20 years old, cracked mirrors, seat screens broken, armrests broken, side tables broken, etc.). The 33K / 33E (CX's longhaul A330s) don't have the seat issues and are a perfectly comfortable ride too.
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