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Originally Posted by QRC3288 View Post
There is no change.

BNE has 2x daily flights....1x daily = A350, the second 3-4x weekly frequency is (and always has been) A333. You can just check the CX Flight timetable on their website:
Cathay Pacific Flight Timetable

and our Google doc we maintain too:
Cathay Pacific / Cathay Dragon Fleet, Route and Configuration Guide. You'll see in the matrix both 33K and 35G service BNE; and that the 33K serves CX150/155. (or you can just search for "BNE" in that spreadsheet).

Fyi both 35G and 33K are a similar long-haul Cirrus J product, although admittedly the A330 doesn't have WiFi and has an older IFE screen and interface. BNE is a guaranteed long-haul J product though no matter which flight you choose.

Perhaps we can get the title of the thread changed?
Ah, thanks. For whatever reason (guess it was booked) the other flight didn't come up in my searches. The a350 flight leaves just before 1AM so you end up with a 12 hour layover if you're catching a later flight out of HK to the US (at least in my case). That's a shame, as I don't think the a350 is worth such a long layover...
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