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Just a personal recommendation - even though the flight times seem really short, your transfer to/from the airports, the waiting at the airports, passport/security checks and so on are real time sinks. Keep that in mind, that a short 1-2 hour flight might actually be a 5-7 hour total transfer. I've done the same in the past, and felt that I really never got to rest properly with 2-3 day stops at many destinations and seemingly short 1-3 hour flights in between.
Excellent point - and highly recommends asking your luxury hotels along the way how you can organise fast-track through immigration at both ends. Both KL and Bali arrivals can be an absolute disaster at certain times. At Nha Trang I am not sure these days but I would be surprised if Amanoi could not organise fasttrack.

If the hotels can't do this themselves then there are 3rd parties that will if you book in advance (through whatever dubious means they procure this service from the airports I know not) with limited time this would be worth doing.
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