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Hi all!

I am looking for total miles here for a J fare. Thank you

Departure Airport: Home is MSP but will position to hubs
Miles Needed: MAX for fare
Required Spend or Maximum Budget (choose one, and state the value): 6K
Available Travel Dates: weekdays are fine prefer quick turnaround
Required Metal or Codeshares Okay: Codeshare is fine if bookable through DL
Route(s) You've Already Searched: MSP to SIN/SYD
Do you have a Chinese Visa (Yes/No)? No but will to get as will have travel there in 2020
Have you considered Cape Town? There are fares running in the $5900 range for weekend travel starting in July and running until October (immediate turn). Base MQMs is about 21,800 miles depending on routing. Tack on the J bonus would get you over 43,000 miles. Use Delta flexible date search and filter for First class fares.
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