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Originally Posted by DanielW View Post
I guess it's a big saver for labour costs though. Just back from Norway and as well as the airport, McDonalds in Oslo didn't have a cashier (you had to use a machine to order, no other option). My hotel similarly had machines to check yourself in and out (although there was a 'concierge' in case you needed help with them). Same for buying train tickets for the airport express train. I was there for nine days too and never used or even saw anyone else use cash. Even the train station toilets took credit card.
Yes, Norway is quite on the extreme end of cash-less, although China is seemingly catching up while Korea and Japan still use a lot of cash.

Hong Kong's minimum wage is a paltry $34.5, not even USD $5 an hour. I doubt the airport will have a hard time finding cheap labour to man the counters.
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