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You canít compare advance purchase Y (in lower fare buckets) to F. The differential between F and Y for he highest restricted fare buckets tends to be much less than what youíre claiming. You also get more space, more checked bags, lounge access, etc. Demanding free food above whatís catered is a bit selfish.
Why can't you make that comparison? Both first and economy class have fully refundable fares and restricted fares. I think it makes sense to compare cheapest first class (usually I or P) to cheapest non-basic-economy available. Or you could compare full Y to full F. Either way, you are going to usually get a 2-4x price difference.

Every domestic airline I've ever been on will bring you something from the back if you ask. It's completely standard (though, unadvertised). Snack boxes are a common request. I've gotten them on UA, AA, and formerly VX. AS is the only one that doesn't give them to you. As a first class experience, it's far below the competition.
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