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Originally Posted by PDXPremier View Post
I pre-ordered the fruit and cheese plate in F for a flight last February and it was noticeably different (smaller) than the one you get in Y....less fruit, no crackers (which was a bummer since I really like the cheese and crackers together), and no chocolate (no big deal there). Maybe that is what AS Flyer is referring to...the more substantial version in Y is obviously going to cost more $$ and take up more valuable storage space compared to the smaller version in F....just a thought. Now that I think of it, the fruit and cheese plates that are catered for all the Hawaii red-eyes in the F cabin have been much smaller than the Y versions for as long as I can remember.
this was not the norm, as I pointed out on another thread where you said the same thing. The F&C plate that you can pre-order is no different than that which is served in Coach, except that it's on a plate. Same cheese. Same crackers, Same apples. Same grapes. Same chocolate.
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