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Originally Posted by sxc View Post

I still think the catering in the QF F lounge is way better than the CX lounge. I know you have said that you think that the QF lounge has a lot of prepared meals. However I donít think Iíve had anything in the QF F SYD lounge that hasnít been prepared fresh. Whereas most of the CX lounge catering is pre-prepared and able to be served out of a warmer.
just went there recently if u compared to menu to when it first opened you can see a lot of the food has downgraded (ingridents wise) used to have fresh fish crudo, steak etc... now just some braised beef and lamb noodles, spagetti etc..
also it takes forever compared to the pier and no faster option available

i know taste is subjective but tbh QF offering is not that good when compared to CX - esp onboard! I canít believe they kept the same menu as 4 months ago and both quality and quantity is bad...
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